Wake Me Up When September Ends


Day 264 – September 21, 2019

Out In The Country – Lens Artists / 6 Word Saturday / Grin – Weekly Prompts Photo / Myopic – FOWC / Autumn – RDP / Placate – WODC

Had to take a special trip “out into the country” to get some shots of what I thought could rep.  I didn’t want to come off myopic in order to placate the challenges, which is why I really wanted something more than just a symbolic photo.  You would think with autumn right around the corner the temps would be ideal for the subjects to be out and about, but with the thermometer up in the 90’s (34 c) shade seemed to be where it was at.   Enough already! I really would like to shut down the a/c for the year.  Probably will have to wait until October.  I also threw in a grin that has to be one of the more contagious grins I have seen!  It may even trigger one on me every time I see it.

Look Who I Found

Doggone It

21 Replies to “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

      1. Hi – no I am in Va
        And we have stink bugs here – and coincidentally saw one in house earlier and only one of very few this year – but those little bugs used to eat any zuchinni or squash I tried to grow so I stopped this plants – not sure why only those plants – but did not matter cos those are easy to get a farmers markets
        – anyhow –
        I did a little reading about them back in the day and dissent they originate in PA? Allentown maybe?
        So they are more pervasive this year?
        Well have you heard of diatomaceous earth / DE? Love love love the stuff

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        1. I have a bag of de in my closet ready for battle! I heard that as well… Last year I thought was very light and they were being controlled but the last couple of days they have swarmed the windows. I just have no idea how they get in. Especially when they are between the window and screen?

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          1. Yeah- that was exactly where we had them – a guest room window between glass and screen – I think they easily slide through the screen cracks like other insects – but so annoying – we put DE in every window – keeps flies dead too and that is nice – and I am sure you know – but just don’t breath me the DE in when putting in windows

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          2. Well I have two cups of DE in a plastic container – one is kept upstairs and one downstairs
            And sprinkle it n the windows every month in the summer
            Sometimes need to wipe it clean – let it dry and then apply- and if they are in the ledge between window – it might be wise to add a bunch for starter
            I put a wet washcloth over my mouth while doing that – even tho I am not too worried about the DE – I think the dangers are from working around it-
            But DE also makes a great body scrub – but can be abrasive if too much-
            I know folks who drink it and claim it can kill hookworms and other parasites and had seasons where I drank some each day for a week.
            But not sure about it and you know the motto – when in doubt – but some folks really claim it helped them (and my current bag of DE has a horse on it because pet owners add it to food and many swear by the effectiveness)
            I had better results with a 10 day long “MSM” cleanse – it is sulpher and wow – it was awesome – take it for a few days and gradually increase amount – then on days 5, 6, and 7 (weekend preferable) take huge amounts and be near a bathroom
            And then reduce Amount the last few days and wean into a half teaspoon a day!
            If not the cleanse – most people would benefit from taking daily MSM capsules – our food supply is supposed to have it and it does not
            And that sulpher feeds cells and gets rid of pathogens and can help reduce inflammation ! Just love it-
            Anyhow – back to DE
            One last thing is that it is also an air purifier – sometimes I keep a shallow bowl of it behind the computer or to the side of my dresser – it has absorbent qualities and can help keep house air clean

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          3. I pulled out my bag with my little duster and dusted the windows where I think they manifest. My bag does say that it is “Food Quality” making it safe to consume. But knowing that it is glass bothers me only a little! 😳😛

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          4. well it is not really glass – it is diatoms (right) which are shells.
            and I have ingested it many a times and feel great – just sayin = but always do what you feel comfortable doing – the golden rule
            do not harm

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  1. I love that grin, so sweet!
    I agree with Laura. Just the other day a longstanding blogging friend contacted me to say they thought I’d not posted in a while, but then found that I had been mysteriously unfollowed!

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      1. I knew for certain that you were one of my first community members and longest followers but I hadn’t realized that you are listed as the very longest…the first follower listed! Boy, have you gotten an ear full! Lol 296 posts last year not counting those I’ve deleted 129,595 words, 100 posts this year, 65,582 total words this year. And here people say I can only be taken in small doses. Hahaha
        Thank you friend for hanging in there with me!

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        1. And I am still here! 😛 I miss you when you don’t post. I honestly look for one everyday. Bothers me when I totally miss a post that you had written for whatever reason that day. And when you don’t post after a few it concerns me. There are only a couple that I feel like I have their posting patterns down. You are definitely one of my absolute fave and dearest WP buddies!

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          1. Thank you so much, friend
            Heads up though, a lot of people arent recieving notifications. I have been missing a few who I thought wasn’t posting, only to discover that they were and I wasn’t recieving the notifications! One even showed that I wasn’t following them and she was one of the first that I ever followed! WP glitches!

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