Wrecking Ball


Day 263 – September 20, 2019

Electric – Friendly Friday / 1,2,3 Wheels – Cee’s Black and White / Gregarious – FOWC / Switch – RDP / Obedient – WODC


Had the day off today, so being the obedient person I am, I went to work on some pretty non-gregarious chores and items on the to-do list.  First being to switch out a faulty air conditioning thermostat with a new and improved wi-fi connected thing.  Thank heavens for the color-coded diagram, because there would be no way that I would have figured it out.  None off my items included polishing a canon, I just drove past it while out and about and liked the wheel.  Other than that, I did manage to get the lawn mowed and another thing or two. Go me… 😛

Look Who I Found

Girl Time

3 Replies to “Wrecking Ball”

  1. I know what you mean, chores seem to fill my spare time – luckily you resisted polishing that canon! 😁 I like how you combined the challenges – I wonder if that could be a Thing, you know, gathering all these prompts together and challenging yourself to do a coherent post with all of the buzz words! Reminds me of an adjective game we used to play as kids, where you filled in the blank in a story with adjectives given by someone who didn’t know the story 😊

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    1. I enjoy it a lot. I have been doing it for a very long time. It stretches my creativity. Most days I can get them all in with one photo. But there have been more than a few where I’ve needed more than one!

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