Sting Me

Day 251 – September 8, 2019

Layers – Sunday Stills  / Monumental – One Word Sunday / Borrow – FOWC / Infuriate – RDP / Odyssey – WODC / Weekend in Black & White

Before I get to the featured photos, allow me to share the start to my day.  If you are not a fan of the foot, I apologize.  I woke up to let the dog out early this morning.  As I let her out, I felt a sharp pain much like stepping on glass. I winced it off, but then it felt like the glass piece blew up splattering glass shards all into the Botton of my foot.  I knew I was stung.  I was infuriated.  This is the 3rd time I had been stung this summer and I had been reacting a little different to them then usual.  Never really had issues.  But the last two caused a large amount of swelling, burning and so much itching.  This time the damn thing hurt.  And continues to hurt.  Feels just like I got a shot in my foot and they left the needle in.  I actually found the devil looking, Odyssey traveling culprit.  Based on it’s size, I could tell it wasn’t the honey bee like it was the first two times.  When I looked it up it looks to be a hornet.  I don’t think I have ever been stung by hornet.  This would explain the greater pain, and the swelling, my foot definitely looking like a softball. I’ve tried all the tricks.  I borrowed the home remedy of baking soda and water paste and applied that right away.  It has been on ice all day and has been treated with Benadryl, cortisone, lidocaine and whatever other “caine” you can think of.  I am hoping I can put a shoe on it tomorrow 😳

My featured monumental photos are a couple from the battlefield.  I really liked how the black and white captured the lens flare. That was new to me.  I chose that monument for the layered challenge as well.  The 2nd monument was chosen just because I really liked the contrast with the background.

Look Who I Found

On My Own

23 Replies to “Sting Me”

  1. Sound painful for sure! Hope it gets better soon.
    Some work men next door yesterday told us they found a hornet’s nest over there, so to watch out. I’ve never seen one, but have been stung by a wasp before.
    Our Jr. High sports team was called the Hornets! Silly thing to remember. 🙂

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