The Canadian Dream

Day 242 – August 30, 2019

M or N – Cee’s Black & White / Leaves – Friendly Friday / Churlish – FOWC / Emergency – RDP / View – WODC

With it being Friday, at the end of a long week, running out of time to get things done before Tuesday, not yet, but close to emergency panic levels, I may have been feeling a little churlish as I drove home looking for possible posts.  That feeling washed away when I saw this gorgeous house sporting a spectacular view, flying the Canadian Flag proudly.  You know, the flag that features the Maple LEAF. I may be just a little proud of myself.😂Hope that I am not the only one that got a kick out of that! Happy Friday all!

Look Who I Found

Fall Preparations

17 Replies to “The Canadian Dream”

  1. Hi Neighbor, very lovely to see both our flags together…I’m still snickering privately about various Canadians’ response when “T” was elected…that we below-the-border souls would surely be moving to Canada in droves 🙂 Many of us had the thought, but not the means. My fave Canadian is Rick Mercer–thank goodness I live close enough that my cable TV lineup includes CBC/CBUT…I’m still able to watch The Mercer Report reruns on the weekend, it’s good medicine!

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    1. I was really happy to see it too! They looked great flying when the wind carried them (kind of jealous that they could escape back “home’ whenever they wish! I just can’t watch/read much anymore. The news is an awful reminder that there is no escape, so I avoid it at all costs. 😛


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