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Day 220 – August 8, 2019

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This would be a great setting for a creepy zombie movie or post apocalyptic film.  Back in the 90’s the government shut down a number of military bases across the U.S.  A couple I grew up in were victims of this budget saving decision.  This is another.  Tucked away in the mountains lies Fort Ritchie.  I have taken some photos here before, a long time ago, but nothing like these.  The funny thing about this base is that there is a small number of housing that is still occupied by some families of those who are stationed at nearby Camp David or Site R.  But the majority of the complex is a ghost town.  The hope for a number of these bases was that private companies would come in and buy up land or buildings.  In fact, the community center on this base is now a public gym.  The base itself is open for anyone to drive through and it is quite a neat trip through the past. As you can see the row of quarters, from the side, look well organized, nut upon closer inspection you will see that a majority of them are in shambles.  They probably should just tear them down.  But it is still a blast to the past and a great place to let your imagination run wild.

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  1. Lovely pictures, you captured the loneliness here.
    Shambles or not the bones look good. Such a shame and a terrible waste, I hope a developer steps in soon.

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