Phases And Stages

Day 214 – August 2, 2019

Sunrise – Friendly Friday / Back of Things – Cee’s Black & White / Weekend in Black & White / Random – FOWC / Transition – RDP / Brood – WODC

This had to be my favorite spot I stumbled upon on campus.  It is not exactly a mysterious place, as it pretty much stretches across the center of campus, but had I not got “lost” exploring, I would have never seen it.  (The sunrise was this am and not part of the SC experience but I needed to feature it as it is one of the main challenges). And had I not seen it, I think it would have bothered me if I ever saw it somewhere and found out that I was so close to it.  I am not sure which one of the bw’s you would consider the back of, so I guess they both can be.  The big white building is the main library/ student center.  The patio juts out to the pond that ends at the back of the (random) ampitheatre.  Rows of raised seating areas climb the hill that transitions to a large open green space. Continue your climb uphill to the top.  There you will come to the Carillon Gardens and the bell that I posted yesterday. It is a beautiful stretch of land where I absolutely enjoyed spending time.  That pond, by the way, is where I found that brood of frogs from the previous post.  Below is a series of photos I took (in color) that are arranged from the front of the library looking through the back of the ampitheatre up to the gardens, to the bell at the gardens looking back to the library.  I loved the topography of this space. It was just a real nice happy place.

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