Everywhere I Look

Day 210 – JULY 29, 2019

Worth Mentioning – VJ’s Weekly / Beacons – Pic and a Word / Camp – FOWC / Astral – RDP / Book – WODC / Day 29 – July’s Blue Squares

Day 2 of Camp Clemson and my pedometer is smoking.  Which means my feet are as well.  Good thing I don’t have to lug books back and forth. I feel it’s worth mentioning  that half those steps are my fault.  I tend to wander in situations like this and when it comes to places I really don’t know, it is not difficult for me to get turned around and ultimately not care where I am as I stumble upon cool bright and shiny objects.  I will say SC has some gorgeous sunsets and some of the most awesome food trucks I have seen.  This one was amazing!  A beacon in its own right.  Tomorrow is another jam packed day, with a little adventure thrown in that I will share tomorrow night!

Look Who I Found

Hold On

19 Replies to “Everywhere I Look”

    1. It was really good. You had a choice of 5 or 6 different types of toppings. I had mine with banana pudding. oh my god how have I not known that. Added a scoop of ice cream from the social and I had to go walk another mile.

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  1. I did that when I had my block at campus when doing my course online. We had a week on site with the lecturers and I often wandered in the wrong direction (on purpose) to explore

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    1. “On purpose” mhmm me too 😛 the one photo from the other sat was down on the field where I am pretty sure I wasn’t allowed to be from going through unlocked gates random tunnels. I don’t know if it’s because I look like I belong there or that don’t stay in one place too long but I don’t really get questioned.

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      1. You just have exude an air of confidence. Unlocked gates are a treasure until you get to the locked one and wonder how you go there 😀 It always helps to carry a clipboard 😀 😀

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    1. Considering I don’t know anyone and there is absolutely no tv in my room or easy transportation off campus I must turn to my own devices for entertainment. It’s like being in college all over again. Well almost 🥴😛😉

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