Travelin’ Man

Day 209 – July 28, 2019

Triangles – Sunday Stills / Sense – One Word Sunday / House – FOWC / Reflection – RDP / Day 28 – July’s Blue Squares

Quite the day.  A long one to be sure, so this will be quick.  I managed to catch all prompts  in the top two photos for sure!  But I had to add the ones below as that experience was pretty cool.  Welcome to Clemson U, home of the 2018 College football national champs (even got a photo of their trophy that I will share later.) But much more to come in the following days!  Thanks so much for tagging along 😊

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  1. congrats – and did you know for a few years we had a “beat clemson” pin on button in our junk drawer – my hubs had gone to a clemson vs. tar-heels game –
    anyhow – your photos are beautiful – warm tones

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      1. Hahaha. I actually grew up cheering for Clemson. My dad has lived in SC for years, and many of his friends were Clemson grads, so we would get tickets a couple times a year. It’s a great place. My alma mater is now a conference mate with them, so I can no longer cheer for them at all though. 😃

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          1. Maryland, I assume? Louisville is mine, and, due to almost being left out of conference realignment during the last shuffling, until the Terps bolted to the Big 10, I’ll always have a soft spot for y’all. Without that scenario, we’d be UConn right now, football wise, at least.

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          2. True. But, we love our football too…in spite of the train wreck that was Petrino’s final season. Dude totally tanked it last year. If we could ever keep a staff from bolting to greener pastures every 4 years, we’d be consistently good. Hopeful Satterfield and company are those guys.

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