Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

iDB 63

Day  208 – July 27, 2019

Seascapes – Lens-Artists / 6 Word Saturday / Bloom – Weekly Prompts Photo / Spill – FOWC / Change – RDP / Rejection – WODC / Day 27 – July’s Blue Squares

Truth time. Going to spill some beans. These are photos from the beach trip I recently took.  I didn’t really have time to get out today as I am packing up for a conference for school I will be attending this week.  I leave tomorrow and I am kind of looking forward to it.  I am just not sure.  I am headed to South Carolina but, unfortunately, it’s not near a beach.  I don’t know who plans conferences during the summer, an hour or two away from some of the best beaches. Perhaps they could change it?  Probably a good thing as I am pretty sure I would be absent from some of the workshops. The nice thing is that I will be in a pretty scenic location that I never have been, so I am thinking I should have some really good photo ops. I am not sure when I will post. Depends on how busy it is and how my itinerary plays out, but I will, although I may need to settle for a couple of wordless Wednesday posts! (I know, you can thank me later 😛)

Here are some more seascapes!

Oh and a short video for aesthetic purposes!

Look Who I Found

Mars Answers

12 Replies to “Edge Of The Deep Green Sea”

  1. Love the video. You could be anywhere, the sounds are the same the world over, waves hitting the shoreline and children’s voices!
    How far away is South Carolina? I get the feeling it is a long long way from where you are. I haven’t a clue about American geography.

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      1. LOL, we OWN the top spot for humidity! Although last week in Delaware the “feels like” temp was 105 vs 101 here. The difference of course is that ours last most of the summer 🤬. Having a welcome break at the moment and the sea breezes help a lot. Haven’t been to Clemson but know it’s inland so my advice is stay indoors in the AC!!!

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