How Can I Refuse


Day 205 – July 24, 2019

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One of the things cancer took away from me, well I guess it was more the chemo, was my taste for beer/alcohol.  I use to love it, especially during the summer.  Not so much anymore.  In fact, I cannot tell you when the last time I bought a 12 pack and brought it home, for me.  That being said, I do not mind the occasional cold one when I am out with friend or at a place that has something I like while at dinner.  Even my family, who enjoys it a lot and are pretty resolute (can we say peer pressure? 😛), can’t flip that switch.  I don’t really know what it is.  It is an unrequited relationship.  It still likes me a lot, and I don’t mind drinking it, I just don’t want it.  Granted, it has had an effect on the dinner bills (much much lower), and my extra monthly spending money.  But those aren’t the real reasons.  I thought it was a rite of passage, but my dad hasn’t even slowed down.  And I really love Hard cider, and still favor my Angry Moon (aka snakebite, aka half lager, half cider, aka half Blue Moon, half Angry Orchard) anytime.  I did drop a lot of weight when I first started, and without it I have managed to stay in my respectable range, and I feel better overall as I very rarely get sick any more as I think drinking actually may have lowered my immune system.  It is just odd.  There have been days, lots of them, where it called to me and I was listening, but I just didn’t want to go get it.  So I don’t know.  But I stopped in to this place (lots of idle chatter at the  bar!), mainly because I had to get a shot of that wall display.  It had the blue field in it so I was even more excited that I ran into it.  And for the trouble, I happened to have one. And it was good, but one was all I wanted.  And, ironically, it was an import! 😬😛

Look Who I Found

Much Admiration

4 Replies to “How Can I Refuse”

  1. Love what you found here! The flag of beer wall is fun –
    And enjoyed hearing your thoughts about alcohol – I am planning on posting about this topic also –
    sometime this summer

    And omg – alcohol is so nkt good for the immune system – but my favorite thing that you shared was just that you seem
    To listen to your body rather than drink just to drink

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