Nobody’s Home

Day 203 – July 22, 2019

Just When I Thought – VJ’s Weekly / Coherent – FOWC / Sting – WODC /  Day 22 – July’s Blue Squares

I am just about a week away from celebrating 19 full years of living here.  I cannot tell you the number of times, while coherent, I traversed up and down Main Street on my way to work, to get on to the highway, to pick up dinner, or to run to the store. Just when I thought I knew the layout of the town, this little house jumps in to my vision.  Maybe it is because I was looking for my blue squares today, or maybe it was because I was stopped right next to it while waiting for the red light to change. Whatever the reason, I am having a hard time believing that I hadn’t seen it before, and that kind of stings a bit. I am sure I have, I just must not have taken the time to register it.  But when you look at it, how could you not.  It is so tiny.  It sits sandwiched between 2 3 story houses, which make it look even smaller.  Its blue exterior contrasts with just about every other color around it.  It is just like it has one of those Blinky arrow signs above it flashing “LOOK”. and yet I still look at it thinking that it’s the first time I have ever seen it.  How awful would it be if I went back and looked through some old photos, or worse, posts, and see that I have shot it before?  That is just scary.

Look Who I Found

World According to Dwight Shrute

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  1. If John mellencamp can sing of little pink houses then surely we must expect that somewhere we would find a little blue one. I’m somewhat mesmerized, really. It’s haunting in it’s own way, a bit like a mona lisa smile…a secret held between the lips…a story to be told.

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    1. Love that imagination! But I agree. It reminds me of that scene in UP where his house is sandwiched between those two big buildings. I had expect balloons to float out of the top!

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  2. hee hee, am sure it happens to us all . . in fact I know it happens to us all. We suddenly spot something, although 19years is a long time not to have noticed!!!

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    1. I do. It’s because of this challenge that I am more attentive! Which also makes me think I’ve noticed I just didn’t register. But you would think with the front steps gone, that would be an easy trigger. AND it’s not like it’s new or something!


  3. Hard to imagine you would have missed it, but then again, I just found out that there is a second grocery store in our little town. Right next door to a store I have been to several times – so, I understand if you missed it.

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  4. It is Beckys fault. When she does a square challenge suddenly you see things that you have seen but haven’t noticed before. Yes all you will see is blue until next month then there is the blue come down which may last a week or more. I love that little blue house 🙂

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