On The Beach


Day 199 – July 18, 2019

Twisted – A Photo a Week / Which Way Photo / Kammie’s Oddball / Battery – FOWC / Elaborate – RDP / Yourself – WODC / Day 18 – July’s Blue Squares

I am not going to say this isn’t me, but… I think the photo answers all prompts without me having to elaborate.  As if. 😛  It’s not exactly an oddball photo, except for the person in it.  It’s not easy to take a photo of you when you are by yourself on the beach.  I set my camera on the beach, which kind of gives you an idea of how low the surf is, and used a battery remote to take the snap.  I really like how the sun glistens off the twisted waves.  And how tan it makes my shoulder look. Such a happy place.

Look Who I Found

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  1. oh you’re in your happy place . . I love it. I wish I had a battery remote when i was travelling. The number of times I had to use the self timer just for one photo, was exhausted from all the toing and froing. These days of course I could manage it from my phone, and see what I was taking on the camera as I did!

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