Wind Beneath My Wings


Day 191 – July 10, 2019

On the edge – Weekly Quotation Inspired / Rainy Days – Weekly Prompts Word / Stats – FOWC / Orgulous – RDP / Jolly – WODC / Day 10 – July’s Blue Squares 

I was surprised to realize that this is my first bird photo this year.  I mean last year I probably had posted 10, and the number I took and didn’t post was far higher. I am not exactly sure what the stats are but I think I took one every other week.  I really enjoyed taking them and I was pretty orgulous of how they came out.  I am not sure why.  There haven’t been that many rainy days to keep them away.  But this jolly ole singin’ Jay is perched precariously on  the edge and has been for an unusual amount of time.  I think he finally heard a click of the shutter because after a bit he cocked his head my way and finally launched.  He wasn’t gone long, because when I looked outside not 5 minutes later, it was perched on the same spot.  That is when I realized that the feeder was empty and I swear he was waiting, pleading with me for a refill.

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9 Replies to “Wind Beneath My Wings”

  1. What a beautiful Jay, such lovely shades of blue.
    In my garden, when one particular bird feeder is empty, a squirrel (I assume it’s the same one) comes up to my kitchen patio doors and moves its head from side to side as though looking for me. It’s the only non-squirrel-proof nut feeder I have so is always empty long before the others.

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    1. They are a constant battle. Anastasia lives chasing them off the feeders and even though I have a squirrel feeder they still raid all the seed.


      1. I am about to pass on my remaining seed to my daughter. The squirrels go for the seed too, but knock much of it to the ground and this past week during each evening we have rats on the ground under the seed feeder. Picking up and running off with with what they’ve found. I don’t think there’s any waste with peanuts.

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    1. I was really hoping you’d like it. I thought it had a very nice quality to it. I also really enjoy your challenge a lot! I’m happy you thought of it! 💕


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