Look Over Yonder

Day 188 – July 7, 2019

Blue – Sunday Stills / Relax – One Word Sunday / Apathetic – FOWC / Sick – RDP / Bucolic – WODC / Day 7 – July’s Blue Squares

Living in the bucolic setting I do, it sometimes is difficult to see where the storm, that you just heard thunder from, is coming from.  Especially on partly cloudy, with a very bright sun, days like today.  Gaining more confidence with navigating the terrain, I decided to let the drone go up and have a look.  I actually used the drone on July 4th to go up and watch the fireworks being shot off of Liberty (the mountain in the 1st and 3rd photos)  Not that it matters much where it’s coming from, but I have been pretty apathetic to doing most anything today, so I decided that this would be a fun way to motivate myself.  It worked!  It was made even more fun when I had some close encounters with birds.  I actually caught one in one of my shots, the first photo in the top right corner.  They didn’t all come together then, but a couple of hours later, the skies opened up, warranting a flash flood warning for the area.  Just thinking that last week at this time I was walking the sands.  And since I think I might be a tad oceansick, (you know, like homesick 😛)  I am adding a photo from the beach.  Talk about being relaxed!


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