(Now It) Cuts Like A Knife

Day 187 – July 6, 2019

Open Topic – Lens-Artists / 6 Word Saturday / Black – Weekly Prompts Photo / Writhe – FOWC / Sick – RDP / Match – WODC / Day 6 – July’s Blue Squares

Went to Lowes today and out on display was this lawn mower that is pretty much just like those robot vacuums.  Really? I suppose I can see a few reasons why you may want one.  Perhaps you are too sick to get out and mow.  Grass doesn’t wait for anyone come growing season.  Or maybe mowing reminds you of the last time you were out and you were hit by a hard object when it shot out of the deck, which left you writhing in pain.  Unfortunately, homes like mine that have terrain pretty much like the photo of the nursery, I would say the mower would have met its match and would be deemed useless.  Not that I wouldn’t want one anyway.  I wouldn’t. Seriously.

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17 Replies to “(Now It) Cuts Like A Knife”

  1. one of my mum’s neighbours has one like this . . very odd to see when you walk past. And still can’t quite get my head around the fact it doesn’t end up going down the drive!

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  2. Had you given me a full week to think about what our contributors might come up with, I don’t think I’d have managed to guess a robotic lawnmower!!! Thanks for your continued support of our challenge-/always curious to see your posts each week!

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    1. Over here in the U.K. a yard is a hard surface, tarmac or concrete, a farmyard, a stabling area or perhaps a small hard surface at the back of your house. An area with a lawned area (grass) and flowerbeds would be simply called a garden. I. Think this robot would very suited to a small lawn.

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