The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald


Day 184 – July 3, 2019

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You ever feel like you are right smack in the middle of a movie, when everything around you moves in slow motion and the entire scene becomes surreal.  Let me explain.  First, most importantly, the family is all good. So no worries.  On the way home, we ran into stopped traffic because of an accident ahead of us.  Not 5 seconds after I come to a complete stop I hear this large bang, I look and see this box truck, 3 cars back, swerve off the road and proceed to flip, hit a tree and flip back over.

IMG_2548 2

Without hesitation I jumped out of the car and run to the truck, worrying that it might catch fire.  As I approached another guy came up and there was another crash. When we look, this blue pick-up is bowling his way through another car, and appears to be headed toward us, dragging a white car with it.  The guy and I grab and pull each other away, as I watch the pick up continue past where it hit 3 more cars, including mine. You know, my 6 month old car.

After making sure the family was ok, I go back to the box truck where I am trying to keep the driver, who I can only see the top of his head, calm.  A volunteer paramedic takes over and I rush to the first person I see to let them know that they need to let 911 know that we need to cut the guy out fast.  I check on the white car where the driver is hysterical.  Seeing that she is not physically hurt, I see a fire truck roll past on the other side of the highway, and flag it down. I let them know they need jaws now, and give a quick summary of the situation.  It becomes evident that the area needs to be cleared so I help to guide the injured cars past the blue pick-up.  It’s about this time when the police arrive and attempt to sort everything out.  After an. hour and a half, or so, we are in the car headed home.

It all happened so fast but every scene I visually witnesses, is so clear.  The chain of events aren’t clear. I mean I know who was hit and who did the hitting.  I saw each happen. But there are some details that I haven’t quite figured out.  I am hoping by recording this on the post I will have sorted some things out.  This, in no way, overplays the wonderful, most needed, break I had. It just proves that I shouldn’t have gone home.  No, what does overplay are my poor feet and leg. Seriously?  How does this happen?  I know better.


I guess I could say it happened at the accident scene, but nope.  This was a very painful reminder of how important proper sunscreening really is. 🥴  I will be back “online” tomorrow.  I need a vacation!




14 Replies to “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald”

  1. oh my what a blue square adventure . . . . .things really do seem to come along and find you sometimes! Hope you are looking after your legs and feet, and so glad your family is ok . . . .but the car!

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  2. Good on you for being there. Sorry about the sunburn and you vehicle being involved. When I saw the first photo I thought it was a hearse and thought “here’s a good story” lol

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  3. I’m so glad you and yours escaped injury. Looks like a few people will notice their insurance premiums going up this year! So many innocents there and all because some careless drivers travel too fast!

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  4. You seem to have been a very pivotal part of the early help! And omg was this a chain of events – and sorry about your new car!
    And side note – we were in a minor accident two weeks ago – and a few days later someone said they could not believe no one else hit us – it was a Bree man highway
    And after reading about this accident well I am extra extra grateful we did not have a chain reaction of events-!
    One guy was extra helpful for us was an off duty firefighter and he was directing traffic –
    And sorry about the sunburn – if you ya e an aloe plant – which I am sure you know – it will soothe and help so much
    – and so glad you are all okay!

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