Can’t Wait

Day 177 – June 26, 2019

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I wanted to capture something that told a story, with a flair, based on observation of the photos.  But I guess that is what taking photos is really all about.  Remember that time a couple of months ago where I complained that it was too cold and I longed for the warmth.  Well we are at the onset of a heatwave, where the temps are forecast to be up in the 90’s for the next week.  With a dry spell to boot.  And this is why I never complained about the amount of rain we were getting.  Just that it was always raining. I have a feeling in a couple of days I will be complaining about the heat and wishing winter would get here.  Well, Fall preferably. Or, I might just be content to get sprayed with the hose to cool down, if I can’t get to the beach that is.   This is a little cafe in Gettysburg I went to today to pick up some lunch.  I did not hesitate to assume that the place was not busy, and was at a pretty slow period of their day.  Which was a reason why I chose to grab a sandwich here.  A healthy lunch with no wait!

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  1. Europe is sweltering in a heatwave. The U.K. is not. We are hopefully coming to the end of a couple of weeks of almost non-stop rain. The South of England is always much warmer than we are here in the North. The other day the local TV weatherman announced our Heatwave ‘Day’ is this Saturday!

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    1. I need to go to there! I can only imagine I know you probably would be like meh, but that’s my type of weather. Of course 2 plus weeks of non-stop rain would not be that fun but the temps?

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      1. Today is probably the warmest day of the year so far and for me it’s absolutely perfect.
        Take a look at the weather chart for my village, the temperature converts as 66.2F

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  2. This is so me! We had company for a long weekend. Our new adopted granddaughter wanted to try fishing so we down to the dock after dinner, just prior to sunset. Her mom came back up for pants and a hoodie, stating how she couldn’t believe how cool it was…almost like fall. I told her the exact same thing! I havent dared to complain about the rain and cool temperatures because I’m afraid that the sweltering heat might arrive at any moment. I’m just so grateful for the mild weather. 😊

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