(You Got To) Roll With It

Day 173 – June 22, 2019

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I remember growing up and bowling in Saturday Morning leagues throughout most of my childhood. I had my own ball, in fact, all of us kids did, my own shoes and my wrist guard. The complete inventory. Just like golf the more you play the better you get and because I was playing 3 games every Saturday and more throughout the week (on some bases it was the only thing really to do)  I got pretty good.  Now my older (not oldest) brother was great.  He was bowling in the Pro-Am and probably could have competed professionally.  Not sure really what happened.  The best day ever, was when I actually topped 200 and lost by only 5 pins (with NO handicap).  I got use to losing to him, although with my handicap in the beginning I was very competitive,  so it really wasn’t a big deal, I was at peace with that fate.  I would make it up as I got older, in other sports. He nurtured me and encouraged me to get better and was a real good coach.  Now, of course, the alleys we would bowl on weren’t anything like they are now, when you can find one.  This one is just outside of DC and the price of bowling now is absolutely ridiculous.  Not sure where the .50 cents for shoes and $1 a game days went.  I suppose they had top adapt with society.  Bowling isn’t really the cool thing so it makes sense to have to pull the target audience in anyway they can.  And if you can’t see what you are doing, you won’t know how bad you really are.

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  1. Every school holiday (vacation) my daughter takes her teenage boys to the bowling alley. They have endless devices and computer games at home but they absolutely love this treat. The daughter reports she needs to save up for the holiday outing because it has become so expensive!

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  2. Bowling is such fun! For us, when we were kids, that was always the birthday party thing to do! We go once in a while. I usually pay for it the next day…shows how out of shape I really am!

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