Wild Mountain Honey

Day 169 – June 18, 2019

Trail – Tuesday Photo / Two – Cee’s Fun Foto / Silkscreen – FOWC / Droplet – RDP / Deal – WODC

I have always wanted to wear one of these, so when I got a chance to throw it on, I jumped.  The school I work at has an apiary and today our horticulture instructor let us know that a local apiarist was coming out and if anyone want to check it out, could.  So I did.  I did not even know we had one of these and based on where it is,  a bit off the beaten trail, it is understandable.  I am not sure of what exactly we were doing, but my knowledge of bees has grown exponentially and now I am fascinated.  We visited hive number 2 which contained 2 stacks of 7 frames for a total of 14 completely covered, very active, honey droplet covered stacks.  I was totally amazed at how the beekeeper handled the nest, without the silkscreen mask and protective clothing and how he effortlessly guided the workers away from the areas he was checking.  We were looking for the queen or any possible virgin queens (I know right, I even learned what royal jelly was, who knew) and looked for other signs.  Here I am protected head to toe, and here he was, completely exposed, and by the time it we had explored the bottom stack, they were a little upset. Yet the beekeeper was stung only twice!  And he said it was his fault because he irritated her more than he should have.  I learned how important smoke is as well! I think it would be cool to start one. I am looking forward to the honey extraction in the fall.  More pics to come when that happens.  Til then, I am down to two days remaining.  At least today was the last day for kids.  I can finally get some work done.

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16 Replies to “Wild Mountain Honey”

  1. What a wonderful experience! I would so love something like that too! However, with my luck, who knows what kind of story that would turn into….end up a bee farmer or ended via anaphylactic shock? I am allergic to bee stings. Lol

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      1. I heard stories of my great grandfather being a bee charmer….how he could wipe the swarm from a wild honey comb with his bare hands and never be stung……while my family calls me “Cinderella ” as all creatures seem drawn and at ease with me, I did not inherit that kind of luck! Lo . Although the mishaps do make for an interesting and sometimes hilarious story. Lol

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        1. I am sure I will want to know more! The beekeeper who was with me was able to do the same exact thing, I just watched in amazement! I can see the little bluebirds circling your head so vividly!

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          1. I do have a weird way with animals or maybe they do with me. Lol. Whether my own or surrounded by wild squirrels in the bottom of the Grand Canyon eating fritos from my hand or by a dozen raccoons at a campground, tapping my knee for another piece of dog food, wild mallards soaring in, landing in the water to swim with me…we just get along in a cozy way. Lol

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