Three Mile Smile

Day 157 – June 6, 2019

Smile – Photo a Week / Which Way Photo / Kammie’s Oddball / Dabble – FOWC / Nurture – RDP / Penance – WODC

A year ago my daughter graduated high school.  What?  So much has happened in this past year that it is quite a pinch to be reminded of the event.  I have documented her travels this past year and the thinking that I did something wrong which was why I was being served my penance for the wrongdoing.  Ridiculous I know.  Well I have come to know.  Just one of those things that when you see someone you nurtured all this time decide to go off and dabble around the country you blame yourself for her desire to leave.  Again, silly I know, or rather I have come to know, yet again.  Now I wasn’t meaning todays post to be such deep reflection, but it is what happens when you fit the challenge prompts in! 😬 I am just happy that I get to see that smile everyday again and will enjoy it for however long it is here!  I am also trying to remember why I posted the photo of the road.  I think primarily for the which way challenge and that I needed to add something that I took today.  I need to get out more.

Look What I Found

I’m A Wanderer


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