The Lion Sleeps Tonight


DAY 156 – JUNE 5, 2019

Awaken Sleeper – Weekly Quote Inspired / Hustle -FOWC / Exchange – RDP / Surprise – WODC 

Some people will do anything to stop the sun from infiltrating their nap time.  Even Anastasia.  I was surprised to come in to the room to find her burying her face in the pillow in order to block the light.  I had to hustle to get the photo because once she heard me and exchanged a look that would be the end of that.  3 seconds later, I was right.

So I decided to start a (hopeful) weekly feature called “Weekly Lessons” (subject to change) which are things that I learned this past week. Falling into the category of can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I would beg to differ. We will see how it goes!  Feel free to share any lessons you may have learned in comments.  Here are my first week lessons learned-

Never fly a drone in windy conditions, in a mountainous area, surrounded by trees

Do not wear shorts and go barefoot in the backyard, in said area, after you tell someone you don’t ever get poison ivy. 

Probably should cover up that fresh paper cut before chefing up some Fajitas (fresh red and jalapeño peppers and lime) .

I am sure there were more but they are what I noted at the time they happened!

Look What I Found

No Comparison

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