Rocky Mountain High


Day 146 – May 26, 2019

Danger – Sunday Stills / Aerial – One Word Sunday / Quiet – Pix to Words / Jealous – FOWC / Putter – RDP / Return – WODC 

No, I am not in Colorado, and this isn’t a view from the Rockies. This is the overlook at Raven Rock on the Appalachian trail.  One of the higher points along the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The shot is taken on one of the dangerous outcrops jutting out of the ground. Out in front, on a clear day, you can see 3 states but not today.  It’s a quiet day, probably because of the storm clouds that are rolling in, so I didn’t have time to putter around like I normally do. But I was still able to relax and enjoy the aerial views and spring colors. It was just what the doctor ordered. Jealous?

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35 Replies to “Rocky Mountain High”

  1. Have you seen the movie “The Songcather”? I don’t know why this photo made me think of it but it’s one of my favorites. One of the singers in the movie, Iris DeMent, is from Paragould Arkansas. I thought of her singing in that movie when I saw it. Lol weird huh?

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        1. Absolutely loved it. It was one of those where I feel like Ive seen it before but I just couldn’t put my finger on where or when. Regardless, it was great. Thanks for the suggestion!

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          1. Right? I’m keeping my eye on my ancestry FNA just in case! Lol
            Funny story….do you know that 2 men I know have recently discovered they fathered children they didnt know about via ancestry DNA? What are the chances? Thankfully, both are just over the moon about it!

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          2. That os scary. My brother has been doing our family for a long time now and has really dug some incredible things up. Actually has records that an ancestor on my dads side came over on the Mayflower. He has a document with his name signed as one of the people on it. And a couple of other really cool connections. I will need to look at his tree and see if… I did have mine done too. It is fascinating though. It wouldn’t be surprising if I had one out there as well! 😛🤣🥴.


          1. I became acquainted with folk and bluegrass when a friend, police officer and banjo player would fill in with “soggy Bottom Boys” during local festivals with Alison Krauss and of course, Iris Dement, during my time in Arkansas. Eclectic me, sponsoring major rock concerts while simultaneously frequenting folk and bluegrass festivals. Lol I’m a nut for classical as well.

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          2. Thats one of the first things that I remember reading and drawing me to your blog! I picked up the banjo after I heard one played and taught myself to play, just because. I am not good, but I have fun.

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          3. That’s an amazing feat! I’d watch my friend play, in utter amazement! My grandmother taught herself to play piano, guitar, etc and wrote tons of song, played in an all girl western band that sang the tumbleweed song live on the radio at the close of the broadcast day. I did not get that gene. Darn it!

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          4. But like I said, I am not great, good enough not to have people run away. I just like having a different outlet. And of course, surprising my students with other “talents” is a plus! Keeps me fresh! 😬🤣

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