The Hand That Feeds

Day 141 – May 21, 2019

Hands – Cee’s Fun Foto / Vista – Tuesday Photo /  Instinct – FOWC / Snow – RDP / Hospitality – WODC 

I struggled with todays Tuesday Photo word.  The only thing I could think of was how could I get to Spain to get a photo of a vista.  I couldn’t think of a way, even though there were a number of people who would have been full of hospitality.  So, this was as close as I could get.  It is a house on the battlefield which I could only imagine has some views that are visually stunning.  Especially that the grass is not covered in snow.  So then, I got a picture of my great niece flashing some goalie instincts as she collects a shot.  So much fun to watch.Even if it was just practice.  And then, yep, a trip to the Golden Arches where, for fun, I wanted to catch the passing of food between hands.  Not a very clear picture, but you catch my drift. 😛

Look What I Found

All That I Found in my search were reviews of Game of Thrones .  I am fairly certain that I really don’t need to share yet another bashing on a show that a lot of people put their lives on hold to do for our entertainment.  And they succeeded.  We were entertained.  And if you weren’t- Why did you continue to watch??? This is not to any one at all in particular, just felt like I could share.. 😛

10 Replies to “The Hand That Feeds”

  1. I like your vista
    And I was in another room – doing some painting – while fam watched the finale – and I heard there were some good mock re-writes on YouTube – guess the ending was blah.
    Band this is a very current event so I am glad you mentioned it

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