Car Wash

Day 140 – May 20, 2019

Gadget – VJ’s Weekly / Mask – Pic and a Word / Disingenuous – FOWC / Stalk – RDP / Fog – WODC

Another Monday another start to a week closer to summer break.  Thank god.  Can anyone tell me if there is some kind of issue going on out there, or is it just me.  My visitor/view count has dropped significantly and it is rather discouraging.  I am not about the boost in num bars or anything, but for a the second week I am averaging a 1/3 of what was average.  Of course I think it’s me, and if it is, I need to make some changes, but if not then I really would like to know how to fix it.  But I digress.  Didn’t mean to come off sounding disingenuous, at all.  Especially when the day provided me some good photo ops fo. r todays challenges.  First, who doesn’t wish they could have one of those gadgets in their own garage?  Especially with the amount of pollen that gathers on the car every morning.  Have to say though, with the heat today, the windows fogged up pretty quick.  And then there is the blue who looks to be stalking the bird feeder. Hiding behind his mask, camouflaged (or so he thinks) in the leaves.  I really didn’t need the 90 degree temps and bright sun to provide a reminder that summer is around the corner.  But I will take that over the rain any day (well until we find ourselves in a drought conditions in August…. knock on wood)

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The Art of Making Art

A (refreshing) Positive Reflection


10 Replies to “Car Wash”

  1. On busier days something has to give and for me that’s WordPress reading. I have just spent almost two hours attempting to catch up with my reading, and some I won’t even get to!

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  2. I know, personally, I’ve had a lot going on – having been doing minimal blog reading and commenting. Also, WP seems to have been acting up. Who knows. Wouldn’t worry. Jealous though that you are having hot weather. It was warm here yesterday, and then cold again today. Thanks for being here!

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