Stuck Inside A Cloud


Day 133 – May 13, 2019

Compassion – VJ’s Weekly / Meanwhile – FOWC / Verdant – RDP / Lucky – WODC

Meanwhile, across the verdant drive home, rain. Lucky me.  I am not asking for compassion here, at least it is giving me something to write about.  What is remarkable about this photo, is how the clouds have completely swallowed the mountain.  They have literally been reduced to speed humps 😉😛  I am not sure how long this weather pattern is suppose to last.  Don’t think it matters much.  I’ve stopped looking at any forecasts since they have no idea what they are talking about.

Look What I Found

Love Can Move Mountains

7 Replies to “Stuck Inside A Cloud”

  1. This is great! I love clouds 🙂 The few times we get a really good storm here they’ll come down from the mountains and just surround the neighborhood until it feels like I’m living in one!


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