Don’t Stop Believin’


Day 128 – May 8, 2019

Snippet – Weekly Word Prompt / Where to Go – Weekly Quotation Inspired / Semantic – FOWC / Grateful – RDP / Apex – WODC

We are about a month away from the last day of school, but seniors only have two weeks until graduation (I know a little odd, but it’s how it goes).  Which means end of school activities have begun, kicking off with our award ceremony.  This is probably our apex activity for seniors since we don’t have our own graduation ceremonies. Since I am new to the school, this was my first attempt at navigating the sequence of events.  With only a snippet of instructions (it was not at all the production it was at my old school, something I am very grateful for) I managed to not look so out of place.  And despite a different venue, different environment, different kids, a change of semantics, I was still pretty proud of the accomplishments my students were recognized for. Something that didn’t change.

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5 Replies to “Don’t Stop Believin’”

  1. The difference in our school systems fascinates me. How old are the children in the photograph? When you say school ends, is this for a short end of May break or is for the whole summer?

    In the UK we have a week long break at the end of May and in July school closes for the annual summer break of six weeks.

    Over here children begin primary school at four years old, at eleven years old they move to high school. They can leave high school at age sixteen, get a job or attend college. College is not the same as university, it is a place to gain skills and qualifications both for teenagers and adults and a second chance to pass exams that were failed in school.

    Many children stay in high school until eighteen years old and take A level examinations that will gain them a place at university. Like everywhere else, a lot depends on the area children live. Children from poorer more deprived areas are more likely to leave school at sixteen.

    Sporting achievements are irrelevant only those with academic achievements gain entry to university.

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    1. I. hosted an exchange student from Germany about 10 years ago. It took awhile,e but I was able to finally figure out their schooling and university system, which sounds a lot like yours. The kids in the photo are High Schoolers. Here Pre-K starts at 4 and then Kindergarten followed by 1st – 12th grades. In most places 1st – 5th or 6th is Elementary school 6 or 7th and 8th are Middle and 9 – 12 are High School. The majority of kids are 17/18 when they graduate High School, and from there college/university options come in. It is amazing the differences. The school year begins end August and goes through mid June. Summer break runs about 6-7 weeks.

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      1. We used to have three tiers too, first school, middle school, high school. Some schools have a pre-school attached for three year olds. This is optional. And then there are lots of private nurseries that take small babies up to four years old for those whose mothers work.

        School year begins September, One week break third week October, Two weeks for Christmas, one week around second week in February, two weeks Easter, one week the end of May and that’s it until around third week in July. There are also odd days in-between bank holidays and special days etc. Oh and five staff training days spread across the year.

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        1. Ours is not so different. Same pre-k situatition and school year about the same. Only 1 week for Christmas and sometimes a 1 week spring break around Easter. Other than that there are a bunch of single day breaks scattered throughout. I think the biggest difference that I have kind of figured is that we are only required to attend 180 days in a year and you all are up in 220 or something like that.

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