Milk Cow Blues


Day 126 – May 6, 2019

In Between – VJ’s Weekly / Caught – Pic and a Word / Anyway – FOWC / River – WODC

What would normally be a quiet flowing creek was raging like a river not too long ago. Anyway, it is falling back into its banks as the flood recedes.  Thank you for a dry day with some good sunshine.  Not sure how close this guy was caught. in between the water and dry land, but all is settling down.  I was actually able to mow down the knee high grass at home. All I had to do was avoid the swamp at the bottom of the hill.   I am not saying it was a wise decision.

Look What I Found

Take Me Back


9 Replies to “Milk Cow Blues”

  1. The image is pastoral, and conducive to daydreaming, but I wondered about the connection. And then I read the section “Look What I Found” – a much more profound offering – so thank you for that. Life is unexpected. Amen.

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    1. I’m surprised! In between… I saw it as a simile (?) to the phrase stuck between a rock and a hard place. I took it because I saw the cow stuck between rising water and a fence. (Unable to actually get to the high ground) but then it doesn’t really look like it is too concerned that much.
      Which I find ironic because I saw, due to the water rapids, something that may have been more upsetting a few hours prior.

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      1. Obviously I missed the context, lol. Was up all night at emerge – so that explains a lot. I see now that the cow is a perfect metaphor for where I am – rushing water on one side, a friggin fence on the other. Thanks.

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