Every Teardrop is a Water Fall

Day 124 – May 4, 2019

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Another typical May spring day.  Woke up to rain, saw the sun for 20 minutes, long enough to heat the atmosphere up, and now in yet another flood watch.  So much rain already this year.  Shouldn’t complain though, for as much as we are getting, it can dry up just as fast and put us in a draught.  And personally, I will take the rain.  So a quick trip out to the park with Anastasia, allowed me a chance to play in the overflowing streams with my GoPro.  As I battled the currents, I tried to get a bit creative with the camera submerged in a small waterfall, and messing with reflections.  I was really delighted with the results.  Until the clouds came right back in darkening those beautiful blue skies.  With as high as the water was already, I am all but certain that tomorrow this waterfall will be completely submerged.

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Christmas in July


15 Replies to “Every Teardrop is a Water Fall”

    1. Of course I did. The GoPro is waterproof. It is great little action cam. I used one once snorkeling and the pics were great, so I had to get one. I just don’t have those adventures I used to that would benefit from that camera.


    1. I do like trying to get shots like that. Didn’t have a camera like that growing up when I was much more adventurous, so now I just look for those opportunities.

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          1. I am unabashedly excited about the movie. The premise is that the entire world has forgotten about the Beatles completely except one man.

            He’s singing a Beatles song to a group of his friends and one woman sniffs and rolls her eyes. “It’s alright but it’s not Coldplay.”

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