Crazy Train


Day 113 – April 23, 2019

Connections – Tuesday Photo / Bridges – Cee’s Fun Foto / Oil – FOWC / Chalk – RDP / Tea – WODC

Coming home today I took a different route in order to grab this photo knowing that I could get both Fun and Tuesday done in one.  So with above 80 degree temps, sunroof open, windows down, iced tea in my hand, I drove to one of the one lane bridges that support the southern Pennsylvania railroad tracks as the cross through the mountains.  Unfortunately, someone felt that it would be funny to rain on my parade, which quickly closed up sunroof and windows.  Luckily it was just a quick shower, and 5 minutes later, as I got close, the shower stopped which allowed me to reopen the roof and stand up in my seat to take the pictures.  You can tell it was pretty warm today as the oil on the roads has that glassy melted look.  I only wish you could see the chalk drawn graffiti on the inside walls, then I think it would be a perfect response.  Oh well, it was still a beautiful day.  I will take that.

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      1. Ok this might be funny: I was raised in a fundamental Baptist home. I’m talking strict. The Carpenters were questionable in my world.

        So Ozzy was just a total no. “He’s a devil worshiper! He eats bats sacrificed to Satan.”

        Because evidently, to independent Baptist, that was what Satanist did….

        But then later in life I happened to catch their reality show. I loved Ozzy. I can’t explain it, I just did.

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