Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree

Day 105 – April 15, 2019

Numerology – VJ’s Weekly / Risk – Pic and a Word / Turnover – FOWC / Wait – RDP / World – WODC

The two photos above were not shot with todays challenge in mind.  But looking at them closer,  I kind of feel they answer the first two challenges but most definitely the remaining three, without having to worry about weaving them in my written response.  But in case you can’t see it, I am also posting my original photo response. That one I know satisfies the first two, and it would be more fun to talk about, but I need to go try and get my electricity back on.  I may actually have blown a fuse.  Shocking I know.


Why is it that when I need a 6 word title it takes me forever, but on any other day all I seem to be able to come up with are 6 word ones. 😳

Look What I Found

At Home

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