Soul Cake

Day 99 – April 9, 2019

Cake – Tuesday Photo / Walks, Trails – Cee’s Fun Goto / Cantankerous – FOWC / Hungry – RDP / Tops – WODC

There are a lot of 9’s today.  I realized I haven’t posted any chuck wagon meals in awhile.  I think I need to because I have expanded out from the meal delivery’s a tad and have been testing the food network recipes recently.  I was watching the Pioneer Woman (I don’t have a problem with that) and watched her whip this cake together.  I am a huge cast iron skillet nut.  I love them.  Thankfully all but one or two of the meals I have prepped have  allowed me to cook in them every day.  So when I saw this cake made in a cast iron, I had to.  Not to mention it was from scratch, and I hadn’t used my mixer in quite a while, and I thought making my own caramel looked really cool.  I even had a couple of the sauce cast irons that she used so bingo.  On my way home, I took a quick detour for a photo op I saw last week.  Little did I know that it would actually work for Cee’s fun, but I was pleasantly surprised that it would fit swimmingly.  When I got home, I may have been a little hangry (hungry and cantankerous), combine that with my desire to try Rhee’s recipe out with Frank’s masterful photo challenge topic and flours were (bloomin’) everywhere (🥴😛).

Look What I Found

Restraining Narcissism

No Denying

5 Replies to “Soul Cake”

  1. Oh boy!!! First, Ree…oh yes! I love her and still intend to visit her neck of the woods when I go back home to Oklahoma. Secondly, OH Yeah, for cast iron! Nothing tastes as good as it does cooked in cast iron. That’s just a fact. I cart mine with me even when we go tent camping….big pot of stew, beans etc cooked on a campfire, fried potatoes, eggs with chorizo and homemade flour tortillas all in cast iron and over a fire. Love love love it!
    My cousin Loren owns Four Dogs Ranch in Arkansas…he actually owns a real chuck wagon!

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    1. There are a couple I am really into on FN right now but she shares recipes that are easy to make with common ingredients. I don’t have to run out to the store just for that one thing. It’s funny though, I didn’t always like her. I felt early she hadn’t really found her niche, but add more family stuff and more “Ranch life” pieces with Ladd and I’m in (which btw I think would make a really cool idea for its own show “The Ranch Life”.
      I started with a 13” skillet almost 10 years or so ago and now have one of each. Or something like that. I don’t let anyone else use them! No soap will ever touch their irons! My parents got me a 6 qt cast iron pot for Christmas. I haven’t used it yet. But I’m dying to. I do plan on using it over an open fire this spring. I cook everything in them. I don’t think I will ever use a SS frying pan again. Sounds to me like you make a mean Huevos Rancheros! My favorite!! You have a good recipe for Tortillas? I am very interested. Send it my way please!!! I need to use my CI tortilla press! Remember that kindred spirit thing? Yeah, I think it just continues to reaffirm itself 😉💕


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