Dig It

Day 97 – April 7, 2019

For the Love of Books – Sunday Stills / Dazzle – One Word Sunday / Envy – FOWC / Chest – RDP / Gaze – WODC

Just a hodge lodge of shots today.  Nothing mind-blowing, but at least for the first two I was experimenting with composition, namely balance.  I thought the bucket loader was an interesting subject because of how heavy it is on the right side.  But as I played with depth I was really surprised at how evenly balanced it became.  The bottom photo is my middle son at the ripe old age of 10.  besides his mother, I never knew anyone who could and would devour books like he did.  Any second he wasn’t moving, he would be reading.He read all of the Harry Potter books as they came out and would frustrate his elementary school teachers because they couldn’t find books that would challenge him. It took him absolutely no time to plow through lengthy novels, and just to make sure I would question him on plot points to make sure he was reading and not skimming just to impress.  He was not skimming.  Guess it makes sense how he ended up at UPenn (No, I DID NOT bribe anyone, I can barely afford the tuition let alone a bribe amount).

Look What I Found

Auuu- Yeah

It’s In the Cards

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