Free Bird

Day 95 – April 5, 2019

In the Garden – Weekly Photo / Cute Factor – Cee’s Black & White / Condone – FOWC / Laundry – RDP / Collar – WODC

In the category of learning something new every day, who knew that you could buy baby chicks and ducks in a farm and tractor store?  Then again, I really hadn’t thought about where you could get them.  I guess I always thought you would look in the newspaper or find a farm that raises them.  These little guys were so cute I almost had to get some, but came to my senses pretty quick when I realized how fast my .94 cents would become over $100.  I would have needed to get everything in order to raise them as I really had nothing, no garden, no pen, no food, no shelter not idea how to even begin to care for them.  I am pretty relieved that the impulse didn’t stick. Not that I don’t condone impulse buying! I don’t want to air my dirty laundry so let’s keep that tidbit under the collar shall we? 😂  I have to admit, they were freaking adorable and were a blast to watch as they huddled close to stay warm and protect themselves from predators (me). Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t know about these little guys sooner, I probably would be selling eggs by the buckets by now!

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13 Replies to “Free Bird”

  1. Hahaha well, you’re up one on me! Hey, let’s buy a horse, I said…let’s buy a farm! Lol
    But, that’s me all over…leaping into the great unknown, blindfolded and cannonball style, landing right in the middle of ” What Tha Heck?”

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  2. Ok, so, I get off work at 4 on Friday’s and it makes me so happy that I’ve developed what my IG followers might consider annoying: I take a video of my walking out and locking the door with a Southern rock or roots music video like, something from The Band, playing extremely loud.

    Freebird. Yes.

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    1. I was honestly surprised that I hadn’t used it yet! Especially when I posted so many bird photos last year. I do think it fits the post very well though. I really need to see those videos! I am sure they are a blast!

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