Almost Cut My Hair


Day 92 – April 2, 2019

Roll – Tuesday PhotoStairs, Steps – Cee’s Fun Foto / Idiosyncrasy – FOWC / Stretch – RDP / Upside – WODC

I am not sure why I chose to post these. But then that is just one of those idiosyncrasies that keep some of you from completely abandoning this blog altogether, right? 😳 I mean I am not even stretching todays challenges. The upside is that I think I covered them pretty well.  I think I just like how I caught the little business transaction happening in the doorway. That or it’s like one of those “what’s different in the picture” picture games.  At first glance it looks like the same photo, just zoomed in.  But look carefully and you can spot a couple of very slight changes. Not much else to share.  Just one of those days.  I am guessing that April is a slow blog month?  I hope so, if not I think I need to revisit what I am posting on this blog.  I also need to somehow remember to get my haircut this week.

Look What I Found

Get Out While You Still Can!

9 Replies to “Almost Cut My Hair”

  1. I always liked those spot the difference pictures! Is this one different because the guy in the red shirt has his hand in a different position on the railing?
    For me, April is a very busy month for blogging, what with the A to Z Blog Challenge running all month, and then there are some participating in the NaPoWrMo (national poetry writing month) also. 🙂

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