Picture To Burn

Day 91 – April 1, 2019

Farewell – VJ’s Weekly / Spring – Photo for the WeekFool – FOWC & RDP / Down – WODC

One of my biggest fears is to come home to find my house like this.  It’s not because of everything I could lose, it’s because I would be completely sick if any of my pets weren’t able to get out.  I don’t know why that is always the first thing I think of when I see a house, but I really need to know if there were any pets and if they got out ok.  I worry about children as well, but I assume that people are home if children are there and that except for the real god-awful stories, they are safe.  So my thoughts immediately go to the animals who are often times confined somewhere. It is one of the biggest reasons I really have a hard time crating the dog when no one is home. In any case, there have been times where I have played the fool and joked that it would be easier if it would all just burn, when it comes to cleaning.  But that’s all it was/is, a joke.  It is not the way I would want to say farewell to any memories that are in these walls.  The other two were random shots I took today that I just happened to like.  The top right photo is the zoo that was where yesterday’s photo came from.  It’s Monday and it closes early so the place was vacant.  I just really like the “tree of life” that adorns the front facade.  And the photo below it happens to be across the highway and when I saw the view it just spoke spring to me and I liked the landscape, quite a bit.

Look What I Found

 Passion Lost – Help Wanted


11 Replies to “Picture To Burn”

  1. Saying farewell to things can be traumatic, or it can be freeing – or maybe both. My ex tricked me into moving out (he worked at home) and swore it just temporary, while he found himself. He didn’t want me to disturb the family home, so I left everything there. Of course, he was trying out his new woman, and once I knew that I didn’t go back. Had to say farewell to everything but the clothes the kids and I took. Don’t know why I just told you all this, but there you go…must be your fault, lol.

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    1. That’s ok. I am used to it being my fault! That is crazy? So many questions but this isn’t the forum. It has yet to fail me to believe that everything happens for a reason. It hasn’t stopped you from living a happier life (as far as I can read) so it must have been right? Granted there are one or two recent events that have happened that I am still desperately wanting to know what the reason is, but everything in time.

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      1. We never can see the reason in the moment. It was a good thing in the end – and a choice I would have never made, so kudos to him for kicking me out. Hindsight is everything. Miss the photos of my kids as babies though. Everything else was just stuff.

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