As Time Goes By


Day 90 – March 31, 2019

Tropical Garden – Sunday Stills / Vertical – One Word Sunday / Retro – FOWC / Pickle – RDP / Jinx – WODC / Day 31 – The Final Spiky Month of Squares

In honor of the last spiky day, I submit a couple of spikes I took over the past month but did not use.  I did take the featured image today, while at the zoo.  I am not exactly sure why I was at the zoo today.  It was most definitely not the same day we had yesterday.  A temperature drop of over 20 degrees quickly reminded that we aren’t quite there yet. The wind isn’t helping, either. I found myself in a pickle.  In order to find myself anything tropical, much less a garden, I was going to have to get inventive.  I did not want to subject you to a photo of myself in a tanning booth. You’re welcome.  I was feeling a little retro this morning so that was an original possibility.  Actually, who am I kidding, it wouldn’t have been a possibility, at all.  I have never faked baked myself, and I feel that I am not about too start now.  I can wait.  Besides those machines freak me out.  Makes me think I am in an MRI or CT machine, and I have had my fill of those with semi-annual checks, that have recently ended (knock on wood, don’t want to jinx it)! This has been a pretty fun month of squares.  While I may not have been very obvious, as obvious as today’s photos, spikes were always in the forefront as I searched for my shot of the day.  I have also enjoyed the conversations that have stemmed from these posts.  You all keep me entertained and inspired and motivated.  It really is something I look forward to checking on, everyday.  Thank you Becky, at Life of B, for hosting this quarterly challenge.  I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for June! I hope it’s more tropical.

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10 Replies to “As Time Goes By”

  1. Ooh spiky in architecture and in nature, your first one I really didn’t expect! What a great final entry 😊

    Not sure I will be going tropical in June as I’ll be back in England by then, but it will be summery!


  2. Oh my isn’t he a handsome fellow! Wish there was a zoo near us, we’ve also got temp drops and wind, lots of wind, out of the north! Brrrr… spring has definitely NOT arrived. Great shots all, I especially love the garden gate with the rock columns, FAB! 🙂

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    1. Thank you much! He was a very interesting dude. His colors were amazing. And that tail!! I happen to live 10 minutes from a small town zoo and then also an exotic wildlife safety preserve. And then the Baltimore, DC and Hershey zoos are all within an hour or so. So plenty of choices! Thanks for the photo love! Means a ton!

      Liked by 1 person

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