One Flight Down


Day 87 – March 28, 2019

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Wanna get away?  Today was an ideal day to fly.  Since I am not a pilot, nor do I own an airplane, I must travel, vicariously, with those who are/do.  I am ok with that, for the most part.  Even with just one day left in this week, the weekend is well within reach, so that need to get away has subsided a bit.  The weather has been showing more and more signs of spring with a full sun and some warmer air.  Listening to a couple of amicable pilots chatter, the air up there is pretty smooth as well, “ideal conditions” I believe I heard one say.  The only complaint I heard, as I weaseled my way a little closer to the conversation, was how the nicer weather meant a busier traffic pattern and a hefty price spike on jet fuel.  Watching planes come and go is such a relaxing experience.  I think it stems from living on an Air Force base for a number of years.  I know I talked about it a few times last year and maybe twice already this year, but I seem to gravitate to one of the smaller airports near me when I find that my mind is a little stormy and needs a quick escape.  I just know that, after spending some time observing, when I leave I am in a much better place then I was when I got there.  Be it real or fantasy.

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20 Replies to “One Flight Down”

  1. Never a bad time to daydream about the great escape. We get to take ours starting this evening…just not by plane. I’ve got an 11 hour drive coming. Still beats working though. Thanks for joining in. 😃

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        1. Yeah. No kidding. When I took my daughter to Dallas from here (Gettysburg) it really kicked my butt. And I was/am use to those long trips. But not taking one in a couple of years kind of crept up on me. Where you going to/from? (Generally?)

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          1. Central KY to Apalachicola, FL. Spring break for my boys and a much needed break for me. My in-laws moved down there about 9 years ago and it’s right across the bay from St George Island, so I’ll take it. 😃

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          2. Oh heck yes. Any chance to get to Fl would be much needed. I’m kinda bummed. My oldest is living in Naples and we were really looking forward to a vacay down there, but now he’s being transferred to Chicago so no Florida. Kinda disappointed. Have a blast!

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    1. It has to be one of the best calming meditation places I know. I like the small ones too because you can get right up close and they have picnic tables and plenty of space to take the dog.

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