Made In The Shade

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I didn’t have much to go on today.  Riding on my post from yesterday, feeling a little impish, I opted to take a little access road off the highway, in hopes of catching me some spikes (yes, I purposefully just said “catch me some”).  I wasn’t as successful as I was hoping.  When I passed this farmstead, I was struck by the shadows being released by the bright sun along the driveway, or shall I say a pathway for a vessel. I know a bit overkill, but I like these pics so I am sharing them, come hell or high water (see what I did there? 🙄)   I realized I wasn’t able to get a photo with both gates captured because of how little room I had to maneuver in, so I went with the little mosaic (can you call it a mosaic?) I thought it was a cool idea.  (But then again I am the photographer, so of course I would think that, why else would I even bother posting it? 😛). I felt like a pretty successful thief, stealing the photos like that.  Just plain highway robbery. (I really hope this isn’t the first post you have read of mine. They aren’t all always like this. (They’re worse 🥴)  (I’m using a lot of parenthesis today, I apologize.  My thoughts have a lot of their own thoughts. I think they’re lonely so I’m just trying to keep them straight) It’s been a long day.  TGIW!

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