Breaking Point

Day 85 – March 26, 2019

Rock – Tuesday Photo / Roads – Cee’s Fun Foto / Post – FOWC / Haze – RDP / Enjoyment – WODC / Day 26 – Spiky Monthly Squares

Just 3 completely different photos to share today.  I am sure there are those who passed me on my drive home who looked at me like I was some insane guy holding his camera out of the sunroof, blindly clicking the hi way trying to catch the blue haze coating the mountains.  Of course, if they passed me any time before, they probably are use to it by now.  Or at least use to seeing some guy stop his car along the hi way, jump out with a camera in hand, compose a quick shot, then jump right back in and motor off.  The alley was actually the only shot I was going to post because I felt like it caught all the components, but I was feeling a bit ambitious.  Now my ambitious butt is struggling to keep itself from molding a perfect indent into the couch.  I need to get out more.

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