Taking In The View


Day 84 – March 25, 2019

Polish – VJ’s Weekly / Circles – Photo for the Week / Courage – Pic and a WordCorpse – FOWC / Jet – RDP / Teachable – WODC / Day 25 – Spiky Monthly Squares

I got a great shot, I feel, a little earlier than usual so I am posting earlier than normal, which is a good thing because I am so tired I pretty much am going to sleep like a corpse pretty soon.  Thanks long Monday.  Yep, I wasn’t sure how that would read either, but I am going to keep it anyway.  Right after school I had to jet into the city to make an appointment and for some reason parking was sparse so I had to park in the garage, which was full, and I ended up on the roof.  So much for making that appointment on time.  I will make it a teachable moment for myself; check my calendar for appointments earlier in the day.  Anyway, I think something/someone took a look at the challenges today because how was I to know how well this would fit into the group.  I took it because I thought it would make a nice photo, and it had spikey things in it.  But the rest just happened.  Still I probably shouldn’t have had as much time as I did to take it. But I figured I was already late, what’s another few minutes. So much for that teachable moment. I was always a pretty bad student.

Look What I Found

Need to Get Caught Up



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  1. Hoping you have had a good nights sleep and feeling energised by the time you read this . . . . just love your photograph today. What a wonderful wonderful view. Well worth be late!

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    1. I got some rest. Was it quality? That’s yet to be determined. I was quite happy with the photo. I figure only 6 left, I need to make all count!


        1. Awww it’s the one I look forward to most. And it’s spaced out so well. In 2 months I will really be missing it and looking forward to it coming round. I still remember my first venture into it, I use to think that the object had to be a or in a square. Like the spikes would have to be on something square. Of course, that would make this one so difficult. So it’s a good thing you don’t do that! 🥴

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          1. Thank you so so much, that;s wonderful feedback. The two months break does exactly the same for me . . takes me a few weeks to recover and then I start to ponder ideas and then I get itchy feet wanting it to start again!!

            oh my now that would be difficult spikes on squares . . .don’t worry I’ll never do anything too difficult as I am easily stumped myself!!!

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          2. Well yeah that too but not hearing from you every day is weird as well! But then again a two month break from me is probably a real good thing! 😛😂


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