Day 78 – March 19, 2018

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It’s one of those posts! I hope. The one that takes care of all the challenges without having to weave it into the body of the post.  This is a good thing because snow I am not limited to what I want to write about.  Problem is, when I don’t have that stepping off block I kind of run out of things to say.

Not!  I actually have a lot on my chest I would be very happy to get off of it, but I really think you have to be in the right frame of mind.  Like Sunday, when I was feeling somewhat angsty, it was really easy to spew word vomit everywhere, just to let something go.  But like a nasty hangover, or the flu, you can only spew so much in a short span before you just really don’t want to anymore.  I think that is why I so admire those of you who have the conditioning to write the way you do.  I mean I can’t even fathom writing more than one post a day.  Except when I do Friday’s Follies, but that’s not the same because I compile it over the course of the week and pretty much use the same format so it doesn’t take a lot of thought to put it together.  But those of you who post your stories, your insights and reflections, your poems photos and advice, more than once a day, well I admire you.  Of course, I wouldn’t read you if it wasn’t good so, you all simply amaze me. By the way, the mural above was found in an alley behind a brewery in the city.  It is painted on the outside walls of a multi level parking garage.  It’s one of those cool sights that you “need to know about” in order to find it or accidentally (or perhaps drunkenly) stumble upon it.  No, I wasn’t drinking.

Look What I Found

You Got a Friend in Me

Tales of the CHUCK WAGON

I wanted to post this last weeks worth of food pics, as I know I haven’t, in awhile in my continuing (requested) attempt to compare some of the many home delivery food services out there.  Because I am a Food Network/ Channel junkie and my secret desire is to be a food celebrity, I am actually starting 2 new services this week so I will have unboxing photos soon! Perhaps a producer will notice and want me to develop this little side dish into a show. I can dream.  Anyway, the pics below include the service it came from (in case you couldn’t see it on the card) and just a quick comment.  Bon Appetit! (Hover on photo for info and quick review)

13 Replies to “Wonderwall”

  1. Your photos are BOMB – food and mural included!❤️❤️

    PS – I really hope a “food-show producer” notices you.. Coz then, I’ll be friends with someone famous! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was wondering if you caught them after I read your last comment. Of course I read it with a little sarcasm as I often do😛😂 I always triple check my entries for you to make sure I have them. But sometimes, like your bird photo the other day, you have to look, in and outside the box!!! 💕


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