We Didn’t Start The Fire

Day 77 – March 18, 2019

Things My Father Said – VJ’s Weekly / Haze – Pic to Words / Makeshift – FOWC / Bold – RDP / Laugh – WODC / Day 18 – Spiky Monthly Squares

What is it with the evenings nowadays? I got something in my mind grapes that I need to  squeeze out.  I leave work and get home around 3:30 most days and what it feels like only 30 minutes pass, it’s almost time to head to sleep.  It’s not like there is that much going on now that should make time fly.  Really.  The kids are gone, I cook some dinner and relax a bit, and work on the days post.  Not less than just 5 – 6 years ago I was coaching or refereeing the kids soccer games, attending and/or running meetings, directing or performing in shows, and the nights seemed to stretch out enough to pack everything in comfortably.  Now? Now I have no idea how it was possible.  It really boggles my mind.  I am not writing for a laugh, I am really confused by this.  My dad would always tell me that I need to slow things down because before you know it everything will be running as if it were on fast forward. I thought, yeah ok.  But there is so much truth in that.  Another thing my father would tell me is to not play with fire, both literally and figuratively, so it only figures that I am using these photos to weave the story together. I was just mesmerized by the dancing flames on top of the gas stove.  I actually probably took more photos than a person should. What is one to do. And that has nothing to do with the angsty first part of this post.  Just a couple of bold, makeshift topics in an attempt to tie it all neatly together. Well maybe not so neatly. As my father would say, “Son, what the hell are you talking about?”

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22 Replies to “We Didn’t Start The Fire”

  1. Perhaps that is why I find some peace in this project. It forces me to take a step outside. Also probably drives the motivation to post everyday. I know if I don’t it will become one of those “I’ll get to it” tasks that find their way at the bottom of the list getting put off until it loses its meaning.


  2. In a haze… I hear that.

    Sometimes, it helps to create your way out of it, to write it out, photograph it, take the feeling inside you and place it outside you, so you can mull it over, try and figure it out, from a different perspective.

    Sometimes it doesn’t. Or doesn’t seem to. At the time.

    It’s all processing. In the quiet inside, you’re processing it. Working it. Finding a way to clarity.


  3. Your dad’s like my dad though he’s not in the military. I appreciate all his advice and wisdom he shared after he was gone. I remember him telling me to wait til I have my own kids. I’m a bit handful when I was young. 😁

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  4. I feel a very similar thing. It’s in disbelief when I look back just a couple of years, and the ask how on earth did I do all that? Today I can spend a whole day at home doing nothing and suddenly it’s bedtime and I haven’t a clue where the hours have gone! 🙂

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    1. Too fast. Especially the weeks. Starts a little slow but come weds thurs I’m like what? How? I do miss the activity, but I think it’s compounded by my job change which took me away from soo much after school everyday activities. I leave at the end of the day, every day as soon as school is out. That doesn’t help slow things done much. You’d think it was the opposite, but no, I guess I’m just doing so much that it feels time is stretching in order to get it done.

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    1. Yup. Military Officer so yeah you can say that. Although his job kept him away a lot but when he was home I guess he wanted to make sure we knew his expectations and that if we wronged mom we would not be getting away with it. I was a tad accident prone as well, so he may have been a little overly cautious/protective with me. 😳

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