Shine A Light


Day 70 – March 11, 2019

Unanswerable – VJ’s Weekly / Landscape – Photo For the Week / Sunrise – Pic and a Word / Regal – FOWC / Spray – RDP / Missing – WODC / Day 11 – Spiky Monthly Squares

There is so much beauty in stillness.  This morning was beautiful, regal even.  I wasn’t missing this. Being able to have a few moments to be able to stop and catch the rising sun spraying its shine on the landscape, on camera, completely made my day before it even started.  And this was only the start to a glorious day.  The downfall was that I had to spend a majority of the day inside.  But, after a tough day that left me pretty defeated, as I left work the sun was still high in the sky keeping the air warm and the mood happy.  It’s like someone knew exactly what was needed to turn things around, the question is how and who?

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