I Melt With You

Day 69 – March 10, 2019

Daylight Hours – Sunday Stills / Puzzle – One Word Sunday / Occur – FOWC / Tune – RDP / Zenith – WODC / Day 10 – Spiky Monthly Squares

This is what we’ve been waiting for. Warm sunlight, radiating from its zenith, extending the daylight into the evening. It is quite the mood enhancer. It hasn’t occurred often and I know better then to get my hopes up, especially when the forecast shows winter will be back with a vengeance twice in the next week.   I am not sure why I listen to that.  I really should just tune it out. Just enjoy what is now and not worry what will be tomorrow.  Sounds good to me.  I took the photos today when the sun would have been setting yesterday.  I like how the shadows help to show time.  But the main reason I did this series is because of how you can watch how the snow is slowly melting away and my lawn is still half covered, but right across the street, the neighbors lawn is basically clear.     My yard looks somewhat like a puzzle, except I am missing the pieces.  Of course, the photo wouldn’t be complete without the careful observation of Anastasia, her spiky ears in alert mode.  Is it me or have most of these posts been about the weather lately.  If so, I am really sorry, I need to either find something more worthy to write or I need to overhaul my life. I’m thinking the latter would be easier.

Look What I Found

Residual Fallout

Chuck Wagon

In my ongoing (requested 😛) report on the meal delivery services, of which I am now managing 8 different ones in an attempt to narrow down some choices.  So feel free to skip this part. Here are 4 meals from different services.  All of these came out great.  All 4 were easy to make and required minimal knife skills.  I am not sure why I picked these 4 to compare because I enjoyed them all equally.  If I must nitpick, the meatball parm may not have been the most flavorful of the four, I wasn’t thrilled with the dressing for the caesar, so I used an actual caesar dressing.  The quiche, although rich, creamy and a lot of fun to make, could have really done without the potatoes.  There was plenty of starch in the crust and the base so it would have been nice to have a better balance.  The other two were pretty much dead even.

26 Replies to “I Melt With You”

  1. Our first day of DST in California, we saw 3 inches of hail pound our area in 20 minutes. We dont get snow here so this was a “snow evening.” Some of it stuck till 10am this morning. Weather has been crazy everywhere. I love Anastasia’s perky spiky ears!

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  2. I enjoy hearing about the weather. It would never occur to me to check the forecast in other parts of the world, so I really do like it when colleagues here mention the weather.
    Just so you know, after days of rain and the odd snow shower. the sun shined today in Yorkshire but it was windy and very chilly. I took advantage of the dry day and walked by the lake. 🙂

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    1. lol… That is suppose to be a different thing, but I guess unless I devote a post to it, it has to be seen as one. But now you know why I only post it once a week! Although tonights dinner has to be one of the best composed photos I have done so far, so who knows? 😬


    1. OK. I am glad to hear you are still good! Thank you for the plating comment! I try and have fun with it. I don’t know if you noticed the crab cake meal and the way I put that together 😬. That song was so 80’s. Reminds me of that movie Valley Girl.

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