The Eagle And The Hawk

Day 68 – March 9, 2018

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Last night home with the middle boy.  I really don’t remember ever having this much time off for spring break.  Then again, I don’t think I remember what or where of much during spring break, much less college.  Then again isn’t that the point of college/spring break?  Not that I contributed to any memory loss for his spring break, but the same can’t be said for a food coma.  There are two restaurants in the lodge at our friendly neighborhood ski resort, each are a very short walk from each other.  One is an upscale steakhouse, while the other is its half-brother. As both reside in a resort, you can imagine the price meter is a little spiked, so we ended up at the half-brothers which was the best buy between the two.  But being in a resort lodge, no matter where you go you are treated to a number of amenities.  There is something elemental as you walk into the lobby and are greeted by a large burning fire. The chimney, adorned in lights and wreaths, draws the eye right down to the flames. It was probably a good thing that parents and kids were kicking back in the oversized leather, incredibly comfortable looking, sofas after dinner, otherwise this post probably wouldn’t get written tonight. Talk about food coma.  Too bad I won’t remember it in the morning.

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22 Replies to “The Eagle And The Hawk”

    1. Thank you so much. I hesitated to use it, I wasn’t to thrilled with the results, but I thought it was ok. Really appreciate the feedback. Means a lot!


    1. I just checked photos of my daughters prom I posted back in April. They don’t take that down. Ever. I guess that’s why it’s a neutral color. They don’t take lights out of the trees either.


    1. Nice chairs but the table was unbalanced. I think I have a hidden pet peeve about that. It drives me crazy so I have to find something to even it out.


    1. You would think. They don’t even offer discounts for those who live in the same borough. The only benefit is we get access to season passes earlier. I have even asked about it. But nothing. There aren’t that many in the borough either. The only real benefit I know for us is that they give every 4th grader free lessons. So my kids all learned for free which was real nice.

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