Riders On The Storm


Day 62 – March 3, 2019

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Had to post some photos of Anastasia again today.  A couple of reasons.  We are in the middle of another snowstorm and because I am reckoning that this is the last snow we will get this year (knock on wood) we spent a majority of the day hanging out in her elements. I wasn’t able to get out for any different scene so there ya go.  Also with the Sunday Stills prompt of wildlife, this was as close as I was going to get today. But I gave some night shots in the snow a trial run and thought it might at least be creative.  It was definitely NOT because I forgot I hadn’t done my post until this late so and I had no other original ideas.  Definitely not that at all.

Look What I Found

 Ready. Break.

Chuck Wagon Recap

Received another meal package.  This one is from Dinnerly.  Dinnerly is the least expensive plan so far.  They keep things pretty cheap because they don’t spend a lot on packaging.  In fact, they don’t even send recipe cards. You have to print them online or just follow them from the website.  The produce wasn’t too bad at all.  They do require you to have a few more “common” items on hand, so just keep that in mind.  I will start posting some individual meal reviews next time.

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    1. She really does. She kills me. She goes out and immediately just lies down and sinks in the snow and is perfectly content. She hates when I shovel. She gets mad at me because I’m moving her piles.

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