The Times They Are A-Changin’


Day 54 (419) – February 23, 2019

Close Up – Lens-Artists / Six Word Saturday / Theory – FOWC / Air – RDP / Itching – WODC

This has to be one of the first deliberate “artsy” photos I have done in quite some time.  I have a theory why that may be.  It may be because I get these ideas and get itching to follow them through but then time gets away from me. Before I know it days over and if I don’t get some sleep I’ll never get up in time for work, or breakfast.  I used to find breakfast so inconvenient. I just really had no desire for anything about it. If I missed it, wouldn’t give it a second thought. Sure, the occasional donut would come round, but I wouldn’t consider that breakfast. But now the time is flying by so fast that I need breakfast in order to slow things down, just a bit, because if not, it just feels like another day has disappeared in thin air. That or I could just be lamenting my middle son turning 21.

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