Thunder Road


Day 50 (415) – February 19, 2018

Surface – Tuesday Photo / Texture – Cee’s Fun Foto / Tacit – FOWC / Garden – RDP / Desire – WODC

I am not sure I know anyone who really enjoys seeing a site like this, at any point, while driving.  Especially on a highway, during a long trip, after you’ve been on the road for 10 hours, and you are 20 minutes away from the hotel you are staying at, and it’s late, and you were looking forward to maybe 20 minutes relaxing at the indoor pool, surrounded by an indoor tropical garden, before it closes. Only for it all to be thwarted by a lengthy back-up due to a measly 1 mile stretch of road construction.  All it would take is a glance from other drivers to see the tacit look on my face to know what I, I mean they, were really thinking.  It always seems to be this time of the year, and the next month or two, where these are seemingly everywhere as they fill the holes and damage left behind by harsh brutalities of winter. This is something that many a shock, strut and suspension desire and are thankful for.  And, quite frankly, so is many a wallet/purse. So we can’t really be upset about that.  Can we?

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  1. You are so right when this comes at the wrong time – our last season of playing on a certain soccer league had bridge construction the entire three months – which meant we had to drive on the highway and go around (10 to 15 minutes at least) as opposed to 2 1/2 miles (5 minutes or less)
    Anyhow – you are right to find the silver lining – it helps us in the long run and saves the struts to fix holes and in our case – the new bridge meant less flooding and the area is not closed during spring heavy rains

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