Reflections Of A Winter’s Day


Day 49 (414) – February 18, 2019

Wild Card – VJ’s Weekly #36 / Colour – Pic and a Word #175 / Lethargic – FOWC / Key – RDP / Envision – WODC

These are taken this past Wednesday. I really wanted to use them, even if they were void of color, but I think I liked the ones I posted for that days challenges better. So imagine my happiness when I saw VJ’s weekly prompt of “wild card”.  Her challenge was to look back at the past week posts and find the most used word or theme from the entire week.  When I looked back, snow was the key word I decided answered her prompt. These were taken really close to home.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but then the glow of the mountain tops were so illuminating I had to try and catch it. It is one of the many reasons why I really love the snow.  And, unfortunately, scenes like this maybe happen once a year. It is pretty ironic that we are forecast to get between 6″ – 14″ of the white stuff starting Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  For a winter that saw just one measurable snow since November, this past week and a half has made up for it.  And unfortunately, despite the fact I love the stuff and love having snow days, I will be singing a much different tune come mid-June when we are making up all those extra days with lethargic kids who are envisioning beach sand and waves.  Still with photos like these, thinking cool thoughts in the hot June sun will not be an issue.

Look What I Found

The Smile Behind the Camera

**Meal Delivery Services Notes
It was suggested that I consider reviewing and posting my findings and recommendations for the delivery services I mentioned yesterday.  After much hemming and hawing, I figured why not.  If I have time I will post what and when I could.  This will not be an everyday thing and feel free to skip right over it.  After all, I am no food critic and my palette is anything but distinguished. So take it as you will, for what it’s worth.

Tonight’s Dinner.  I’ve never made quiche before!


8 Replies to “Reflections Of A Winter’s Day”

    1. The thing that really strikes me about that one is the space in between the trucks and the mountains. The little mounds of dirt covered in snow make it look like some barren waste land. Especially with the light and shadows. Maybe it’s just me. 😬


  1. Awesome, awesome shots. love them both but the first one with the hole in the clouds is just breathtaking. I agree wholeheartedly about snow, love the great pics it gives me, get a little tired of the curse of wind chills after awhile, but then a great shot makes it all worthwhile. I’d love to read about the meal delivery too.


  2. The dinner thing is interesting because we’re all basically not chefs and lots of us are struggling with ideas/prices/shopping to get a decent dinner on the table every night.

    If someone I trust is reviewing a service and telling me what they liked/didn’t like, pros and cons etc., I’m going to read that.

    Think of yourself as an influencer!

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