Cook Of The House


Day 48 (413) – February 17, 2019

Fresh – Sunday Stills / Contrast – One Word Sunday / Optional – FOWC / Color – RDP / Quest – WODC

I like to cook.  I think I do a decent job at it.  If you have been following me for awhile, you might remember this as it is something I talk about infrequently. Although if you go back to my Thanksgiving post you would see that I take it pretty seriously. That I tend to turn it in to quite the quest. That is, when I do cook.  Which use to be very rare as in order to cook you need ingredients, and in order to get ingredients you have to figure out what you need and then go to the store to get these items.  That is just was too much work.  Give me a can a can opener, a frozen pizza and a warm oven, a box of spaghetti and a jar of marinara, or the telephone and a phone number (to the closest carry-out.)  For the past few months I have been testing a bunch of the home meal delivery services out there.  For those of you not in the states, if you don’t know, this is a dinner/lunch program where you can choose 2 – 4 meals for 2 – 4 people a week, and they will deliver those meals with fresh ingredients that week.  You can opt in/out anytime, you can skip weeks for any reason, and with some you can choose some optional add-ons. It really isn’t a bad gig.  Except when you are like me and are juggling 6 different services. You have to remember who is delivering what, when, and to skip the week for at least 4 of the 6.  This is my limit, you can do whatever you want.  It really started as a simple pilot program where I wanted to test all of them to ultimately choose one that I would stick with.  Problem is they all have their positives and negatives.  And one may not have anything I like, so if I chose that one, I would probably be skipping more than I would be getting, completely defeating the purpose.  I mean I am dealing with some serious shit here.  As you probably have figured I have yet to cancel any of the services and am currently juggling the 6 (there are 2 I have yet to try but want to.  They make it really easy by offering great discounts for your first two boxes with the hopes of sucking you in.  Something that, admittedly, worked on me.) Each program has their own price range as well.  When money is tight I can just focus on the more economical services.  It really isn’t a bad gig, as long as you remember to skip weeks as soon as you can, otherwise you could end up with a loaded refrigerator and a lighter wallet.  At least the food is fresh and as long as you can follow directions, your culinary skills will have you cooking like a rockstar!  I can dream can’t I?

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9 Replies to “Cook Of The House”

  1. A great and informative post to share “fresh!” My brother was into Blue Apron and enjoyed it. I tried Weight Watchers fresh program (food delivery in a mobile icebox) where the food was chosen based on the points and were delivered to your door. Most was frozen and re-heatable which was great for something quick. My culinary skills lack so the microwave is my friend along with my big salad bowl. Hubby does most of the cooking by scratch and his tri-tip and pork roast are to die for (why I’m doing WW)! Good luck with these and yes, I agree, a review would be interesting!

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    1. I much prefer scratch but the schedule doesn’t leave that time as I would need to plan more. I will never bake by box. That must be scratch. 😁 weight watchers sounds to be a great deal. And considering the only time I lost weight in a diet was WW. There is one service that uses that fridge idea, but I haven’t signed up for that one yet. There is a service I use for those frozen quick meals – GoReadyMade but I wasn’t a fan of my first box so I’ve been reluctant. Thank you! I will def do a review.

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        1. Grease was the first 8 track tape I ever owned! 😳😛 I didn’t get into chorus line. I know for a theatre dude that’s like not right, but I always found it somewhat boring. Especially seeing it live. The movie was ok and you could imagine that as a kid growing up dance 10 looks 3 was the bomb.

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